Many people think of an outsourced IT service as an individual or a company that a business calls should something go wrong with one of their computers or their computer network. While this is indeed the types of services that a company like IT ArchiTeks provides, it isn’t the only type of services that are available. The fact is that outsourced IT companies can provide a number of different specialized services that can be extremely beneficial to a company.

If all a business needs is help rectifying IT issues, such as a computer malfunctioning or an inefficient computer network, these are the basic types of services that contracted IT companies provide. While it’s only a small portion of the comprehensive and expansive services provided by an IT vendor, break and fix IT services can be extremely beneficial to a company lacking proper technical staff.

Another type of option provided by IT vendors is Managed IT Services. This type of service provides a wide variety of different IT needs a business may have. Managed services can handle any repairs or troubleshooting that may be required when a computer or computer network isn’t working properly. However, one of the ways to avoid these breakdowns is proper maintenance which is also what managed IT services provide.

Should a company needs to add new hardware or software to an existing system or if a company wants to consult on ways to expand or improve their existing network in the future, managed IT services can provide this as well. However, one of the most important aspects provided by IT vendors in this day and age is 24/7/365 IT Monitoring.

This type of service not only helps monitor an existing computer network or the overall IT makeup of the business to ensure that it’s working properly, it also protects these networks from possible hacker incursions. More and more, businesses are understanding the risks that hackers pose by remotely accessing computer network. If hackers were to gain access to a business’s computer network, important business information as well as important information on their clients can be stolen. This can lead to a great number of headaches, including liability issues and potential lawsuits from customers whose information has been compromised.

A quality IT Service Provider will monitor a businesses network and employ the best possible security systems to discourage hackers from trying to break into an existing network. Because the threats are changing daily, having an IT service that not only provides comprehensive repair and upgrade services, but also monitors the security of a network, is invaluable.

If your business doesn’t have the IT Services and Support it needs, it may be time to consider an outsourced vendor. Whether it’s issues affecting the production of your company pursuant to its computer network, or its security issues, IT vendors can provide all of this plus much more.